TSimulus - A realistic time series generator


TSimulus is a toolkit for generating random, yet realistic, time series. In this project, a time series is nothing but a orderly sequence of points in times, each of them being associated to at most a value. Time series are used in a wide variety of areas, including finance, weather forecasting, and signal processing.

While random-number generators can easily be used for producing sequences of unrelated (or, at least, hardly predictable) numbers, generating sequences of numbers that seem to respect some obvious patterns is also interesting in many circumstances, including the simulation of data acquisition in the aforementioned areas.

In order to make realistic time series, a convincing noise must generally be added to some specified patterns. In addition, the values of a time series may be related to those of an other time series.

The TSimulus project provides tools for specifying the shape of a time series (general patterns, cycles, importance of the added noise, etc.) and for converting this specification into time series values.

This library is part of the EAM-SDI research project, founded by the Walloon Region.


The TSimulus library provides a domain specific language (DSL) that can be used for specifying generators that describe the shape of the desired time series (evolutionary patterns, cycles, noise, etc.). Alternatively, these generators can be programmatically specified using a Java/Scala API. The generators can be converted into time series values for a considered time period.
Generator Combination:
Generators can be combined in order to produce higher-level generators. Such generators can describe conditional and time-based time series, such that “if the value of this time series is higher than the value of that time series, then this value must be generated. Otherwise, that value must be generated instead.”
Numeric and Binary Values:
Generated time series values may be either numeric or binary. Bool operations can be applied on binary values, that can be used for describing conditional time series. Numeric values can be combined and compared in different ways, in order to create complex time series by combining simple ones.
Time Series Evaluation:

Time series can be evaluated for any point of time. This evaluation is fast, side effect-free, and referentially transparent (in particular, the evaluation of a time series always provides the same value for a given timestamp).

Furthermore, the library supports the generation of time series values as a (potentially illimited) number stream. With such a structure,

Missing Values:
A time series may not have a value to provide for any possible timestamp. Such cases are managed by the library as “missing” values. Missing values may be conditionally replaced by “default” values and can be discarded from a collection of values before operating an aggregation.

Licence and Source Code

TSimulus is released under the Apache Licence (version 2.0) and has been partly funded by

  • EAM-SDI, a CWALity research project of the Walloon Region.
  • WavenetCity 2.0, an other CWALity research project of the Walloon Region.

The source code is available on Github: https://github.com/cetic/tsimulus

Please feel free to contribute by submitting pull requests, bug reports and feature requests.